Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ituloy Ang Sulong: getting to the top

Ituloy ang Sulong? Anong ituloy? Anong isusulong?

Only the SEO experts in the Philippines know. Everyone are rushing to be on top. Actually, Ituloy ang Sulong is an SEO Contest. Where participants are aiming for the top rank in Google.ph. What is SEO? well...... SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Again what?!

SEO deals with the numbers and quality of visitors to a certain website. The more the visitors of a website, the more the chance to have a high ranking page. How to do this? It's all in the strategies and attitude.

To be on the first page of a search engine (e.i., google, yahoo, alvista..etc..) is the main goal of every website. To attract readers, researchers and customers...you have you be visible on the search engines first few pages. Of course, this requires hard work, patience and as i said......strategies.

Who will be on top?

Go Ituloy ang Sulong!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Child Safety from the Internet

We all agree that internet is indeed a great source of learnings and knowledge. I myself is starting to exposed my 2-year-old daughter to some educational and fun sites aside from some DVDs and books. Its a little way of spending our time together. She got to enjoy and learn new things from these child friendly sites. Aside from being a working mom, together with my husband also manage an internet cafe. Most of our customers are college and some high school students. They came here for research and games (online and pc games). However, internet can also be a source of pornography. This makes me realize that this kind of business does not only mean business. We have responsibilities to these children and to their parents. Cyberspace is a vast world where all kinds of people are connected. Which means it is not a safe place for everyone especially to children. Parents, here are some helpful tips for keeping your children safe:

  • do not place your computer in bedrooms where your children can be alone.
  • monitor the websites they accessed.
  • share email add and passwords so you can check some suspicious emails
  • educate them about the internet about its uses as well as the dangers
  • use blocking softwares
i suggest to all the internet cafe owners and to the parents who have internet access at home to block suspicious websites mostly porno sites. They are greatly alarming and a threat to our children moral values and safety.

Monday, November 06, 2006

mini MP3 phone by Samsung

Recently, Samsung launched SGH-X830 Mini MP3 Phone. Samsung's latest mini music phone comes with an innovative MP3 player design. SGH-X830 Features a unique swing-open form, an ideal combination of mobile phone and MP3 player function. It functions like a MP3 player when closed, and displays the play lists, song information and equalizer setting.

SGH-X830 doubles its length for best mobile communication experience and keyboards are exposed when open. It measures a compressed 84 x 30 x 20 mm and weighs in at 75 g for mobility.

Other features like bluetooth connectivity, USB 2.0, and built-in 1 GB memory allowing 250 songs are all present in this new mini MP3 phone. Users can also download audio files from BBC or CNN website by podcasting function/

Furthermore, you can choose from six varieties of colors that will suit your attitude and fashion. (black, oasis blue, candy pink, pure white, lemon green and orange). So everyone watch out for this new cool gadget.